A Country divided

Friday January 20th 2017 was the day that the 45th president of the united states was inaugurated. All the people in the nation were affected in some way, and everyone in the country will either remember this day as a happy one or a sad one. Both sides had very strong opinions of this, but facts state that the incoming president had a very low approval rating which was about 37% according to CBS news. Even more surprising the approval rating of George Bush post hurricane Katrina was about 42% according to the Washington post in 2005 which is higher then the 45th president. During the inauguration the students and factually at Loyola were having a teach inimg_0578

The day after the presidential inauguration there was a women’s march on Washington D.C. My mother and i attended the march and it was a life changing experience. I was reading on the news that there were only going to be about 200,000 people at the march, however there were at least one million people there. There were many influential speakers who attended the event. The march was delayed about 2 and a half hours. The march was delayed because the route was filled with so many people.

img_0588 We left the march around 6 we reach the gates of the White House which were filled with so many signs. from my experience with this march I would strongly encourage people to take a stand on what they believe in.


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