A Country Divided

Friday January 20th 2017 will be the date that people will look back upon and either be happy or extremely sad. This date will go down in history as the day that Donald Trump was sworn into the White House and became the President of the United States. When Donald Trump won the election many people were confused. Everyone thought that Hillary Clinton would take office. After being shocked with the results people started say that they were going to move to Canada, South America and Europe. In addition to people wanting to leave the country many people were in fear of our president and the things he has said. People questioned their religion, their values, and how they thought about themselves.

Parents were deviated and thought that it was their fault. People lost friends that they have had for many years just based on who voted for who.

For most of the people in the country they didn’t know what was going on or how this could have happened. During the inauguration Loyola set up a teach in. From my understand it was a place were people could go and talk about how they feel and ask questions. IMG_3238.JPGIMG_3240.JPG

During the inauguration people were trashing Washington DC in protest, but that following day there was a peace protest called “the Women’s March”. There was and estimated 500,000 women in attendance in Washington alone IMG_3246.PNG

fighting for what you believe in and doing it in a peaceful way is more empowering that putting people down. The day after the inauguration people came together to make a difference. One person doesn’t make America great, we all do.

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