A New Chapter

By Elizabeth Banquer
On Friday January 20th 2017 Americans across the nation prepared for the inauguration of the 45th President of the Unites States of America. The reactions and opinions of the people were divided; many cheered and celebrated for their new president while others held their breaths and worried about the future of their country.

On the campus of Loyola University of Maryland, the school hosted teach-ins all day for students, staff, and faculty to listen and express their feelings about the election. The student center was decorated with signs and posters made by the students expressing opinions and thoughts. “Love is love” and “If you want peace fight for justice” were just two among many signs that covered the walls and windows. There were also spaces to write a postcard to the White House or write a letter to Trump, an outlet for those to express their opinions and beliefs.

The teach-ins were a way for the community to connect and take a stand together. The Loyola Community peacefully allowed students and staff to stage their beliefs and share their wisdom and knowledge to those around them. I was able to attend a teach-in lead by Dr. Carey of the History Department in which he discussed immigration and how Trump’s beliefs on the matter could affect our nation.


The following day history was made as millions of people gathered not only around the nation but also around the globe to protest the rights, safety, and health of those in need. The Women’s March took place in Washington D.C. on Saturday morning of January 21st. Millions of women (and men too) gathered and peacefully marched to the capital declaring and abiding by the First Amendment.  The March got the attention it needed and hopefully in the end has a positive impact on President Trump’s decisions in the future.

This week has marked a new chapter in the book of American History, all we can do is hope that this chapter is a good one.

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