Making America Great Again

January 20, 2017

The ominous weather this morning reflected the attitude of many unsure Americans as the inauguration had finally arrived. President elect Donald Trump was to be sworn in, as current president, Barack Obama, left the oval office for the final time after a respectable eight years in office.

For many Americans, the course of this election has been emotional, unsteady, passionate and unfortunately dividing among many communities and families. Everyone felt the tension rise as citizens focused primarily on red verses blue rather than actual stances and promises. There is no real problem with opposing viewpoints, the problem is when the opinions of others lack communication and perspective towards those around them. As a nation we must focus on the importance of community and unity as a nation that thrives on democracy and the people’s choice. In order to truly facilitate action, we must recognize that the sole identity of America lies in our responsibility to speak our minds, but also respect the opinions of those around us.  

Bottom line is, people want to be heard. They want to know that they have a voice. On campus, many Loyola students took part in the historic day by doing just that. Teach-ins where professors and other peers discussed the policies and history of our great nation took place for most of the day, posters hung on the windows and people left messages on the walls that they would like their new president to hear. 

Regardless of personal political beliefs, everyone wants our nations to succeed. Everyone wants America to thrive and provide and for new generations to be better off. The only way for this to happen is by accepting this transition of power peacefully. The media can sway our opinions more than we may think possible, so it’s important to keep an open mind and only judge someone for who they really are; regardless of what others may want us to believe.

I for one am very optimistic that the clouds present here today, will break and the sun will rise again tomorrow as it has always done- America will be just fine.

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