Samantha Schultz, Kate Mills

Snapchat has changed the way people get news at the fingertips. It gives you a few paragraphs about what has happened. It gives you a quick recap of the day before, and then usually goes away the next day. It gives the user a variety of new outlets, such as CNN, People, ESPN, The Food network, Daily Mail, and Vogue.

The creators of Snapchat also add different articles that might interest people such as finding out what your horoscope is every Monday on Cosmopolitan, they also give you the gossip on MTV.

It is also a way to communicate with your friends with a simple picture, you do not even have to have a conversation with someone, you can simply just send selfies back and forth. It is a very different way of communicating in our society today.

You can be private or public, the world can see your post at the click of an add button. This relates to the medium theory because it shows how far technology has changed today. Technology is going to continue to thrive and come up with new innovations, and soon Snapchat could die out. 

Snapchat has impacted our society in beneficial and non-beneficial ways. It is advantageous in the sense that it allows us to communicate in a fast and carefree way with our peers, even if they are across the country. One is able to show off what they got or where they currently are with a click of a button. It is an outlet for the latest news. Snapchat is also a boom for small business industries, in the sense that they can get the latest fashions and sales out to the customers quick and easy. However, this is not always the most useful app. Many people have become “obsessed” with snap chat and have to do it on a daily and even every hour. A good example of this would be Kylie Jenner, where it seems to be like she is always snap chatting whether in public or at her home. She is always showing off to her fans what she is doing every second of the day. This is not the healthiest thing because since she is in the public eye people tend to follow her lead. Which leads the world to send around eight thousand snaps per second.  Snapchat is also a way to destroy relationships. Let’s say you are caught taking a picture with another girl, and your girlfriend at home sees that. It could lead to a fight. Whether you want to believe it or not snap chat has ruined many relationships. Our world is continuously being taken over by technology which creates more social problems than it ever has before. In the future snap, chat is going to continue to prosper, according to Oscar Lance snap chat now will be able to add people and gifs into the picture that you are about to send. Our society is being taken over by technology right before our eyes.


Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. At first, snap chat wasn’t called snap chat it was called Picaboo. After working a little more on this idea Evan design an app where photos and messages could disappear after you send and open them. Something interesting is that Snapchats daily video views have increased 400% year to year. Snapchat is videos are watched more and Facebook’s videos. Up to 60% of all smartphone users are now on Snapchat. Reports have found that 18 to 24 years old markup 45% of all snap chat users in the US. If you were to watch everyone’s story in the world, it would take you 158 years to watch. That is just upsetting. It is estimated that users spend 25 to 30 minutes a day on snap chat.

By the people you interact with and the people you follow, and the people’s stories you watch that could be considered bias. When looking at the discovery page, there are different news outlet that you can go too. They are ranked on what you use the most, so the first things that pop up are the things that appeal to you. Snapchat tries to get every story up and from different perspectives, but their only news outlet is CNN, Daily Mail, and a live stream of something that is happening in the world.


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