Budweiser Commercial

By: Elizabeth Banquer and Emily Bennett

The super bowl commercial from 2015 that got America’s heart invested was the well known Budweiser commercial that campaigned #BestBuds with the iconic yellow lab puppy and Clydesdale horses. Within the first week, this commercial got 14 million views on YouTube and everyone talking.

The symbolic imagery in this particular commercial includes a variety of important icons. The first is the yellow lab that plays the main character. This breed of dog symbolizes family and loyalty. The Clydesdale horses symbolize a legacy, honor, and the classic America. This combination, shows a company that is invested in good moral commitment to others. The farm and town that the commercial is shot on, symbolizes a strong community and family oriented lifestyle. It represents the average American and the small town feel you get from drinking a Budweiser with the guys.

The emotional/psychoanalytical aspects of this commercial include the background music “I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles” which is slowed down and more sentimental so that people watching the commercial actually listen to the lyrics and can see how that translates into the plot of the commercial. The entire message of the commercial, promoting friendship and loyalty is appealing to the general public, especially families.

Budweiser’s mission statement is “through all of our products, services and relationships, we will at to life’s enjoyment.” This company is focused on making there consumers happy and promoting a lifestyle that values the good in America. This ad definitely accomplishes this as the public reaction was positive and understood that Budweiser was a company they could trust and that they would want to buy their products from.

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