Doritos Superbowl Pug Attack

In this commercial semiotics is represented through the pug not being portrayed as an adamant dog. However, the Dorito company is trying to get the viewer to want to chips as much as the pug does. It represents that the chips are so good the dog is willing to jump through the door for them. Also, the women say “Don’t hurt my dog” the dog is more important than her boyfriend’s amusement.  

In this commercial psychoanalytic is conveyed by the dog being an emotional appeal, because he represents a sweet, friendly looking dog. It is a good attention grabber for I think the female crowd because most people get intrigued in a commercial when they see a cute dog.

The political, economic aspect is portrayed in the commercial to show that the average family can afford the simple but delicious chips. It is not costly, it is a good snack to have when you are sitting around hanging out with your friends and family.

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

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