Audi Prom Super Bowl Commercial

By Amy Clerkin and Michelle Boca

Audi’s mission is to evoke confidence, class, and power. The commercial is targeted to all audiences both young and old. This is seen in the political economy aspect of the ad because anyone with this car will be able to achieve all of these aspects. Before the boy was self-conscience about going to prom alone, but after he got the keys to the Audi he was suddenly confident.

The guy is bummed that he has to go to prom by himself and the dad lets him borrow the new Audi for the night. After being given the keys, it seems as if his nervousness has gone away. He acts a little rebellious by parking in the “Principal Only” spot. It also shows a crazy night because he gets punch in the end but he had fun anyway. The black eye symbolizes an eventful night. The guy clearly shows no signs of regret and screams at the top of his lungs as he drives home.

At the end of the ad it says “Bravery. It’s what defines us.” It is definitely brave because he kisses the prom queen in front of everyone and the prom king sees it and gets mad. He also shows bravery because going to prom alone, for a guy, is pretty nerve racking. Those that are watching the ad may get nostalgia. Watching the ad can make people remember their own prom night and how memorable it was. It shows how important prom night is for teens and their high school career. Each person watching this has a different story when it comes to prom night and its definitely something to look back on. It is sort of a conversation starter because people can talk about their prom night to each other and what experiences they had.

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