Taco Bell Quesalupa SuperBowl 2016


Taco Bell targeted the youth as their audience in this commercial since many teenagers or even young adults love that late night snack or middle of the day craving. There are two ads for this campaign a thirty-second one and a minute and a half minute long commercial. Taco Bell producers choose to incorporate different scenes from the minute and a half minute long due to the thirty-second-time slot. They decide to include the parts of the famous people, so it will grab more people’s attention rather than some actor.

During the commercial of the Quesalupa, they used many different actors and products to get their message across. They wanted the Quesalupa to be “Bigger than everything” the producers wanted each trend to lead to another. It first starts out as dudes with man buns, that calls out Tinder, then that Texas lawyer guy, drones, the driver a car, VR, Mars landings, aliens, James Harden’s beard, hover boards, the bass drop, soccer star Neymar Jr. says that it will be bigger than real fútbol, the internet, and it ends with Star Trek” icon George Takei, who laughs maniacally and takes a bite. Taco Bell wanted to hype up this product to demonstrate that it is going to be so delicious it is going to blow your mind. The emotional appeal was to grab your attention from the start. Taco Bell included famous celebrities grab your attention, and the latest trends draw you into to listening what the commercial has to say since it doesn’t say what the product is until the end of the commercial it makes you stay engaged to see what it is.

Taco Bell took a different approach to making this super bowl commercial like never before. The restaurant chain wants you to blindly order its latest food item without telling you what it is by using a highly mysterious preorder system. Taco Bell needed their commercial in the Super Bowl to stand out from the rest.  Taco Bell has been developing the Quesalupa for about two to three years ago after looking at society’s food trends. They wanted to create a product that has never been done before. They wanted to keep this product a secret and have the world buzzing of mystery of what is to come. Even when filming the commercial they did not have their actors eating the real product. They used green boxes instead. 

However to make sure this product would be a hit they needed a test. In 2015 Taco Bell launched the Quesalupa in thirty-six Toledo Ohio taco bell stores. Toledo, Ohio was also the guinea pigs for the successful Doritos Locos Tacos. According to Toledo Blade newspaper, this test was one of the most successful tests in Taco Bell’s history.

The reason why Taco Bell wanted to wait until the super bowl because it is the most tweet-worthy event of the year. In SuperBowl 2014 it received more than twenty-five million tweets. It is the fastest and most efficient way to reach as many people as possible in such a short period of time.

The Taco Bell commercial cost five million dollars to air during the Superbowl. To make the ad it cost fifteen to twenty million dollars. There are two different Quesalupa’s chicken and beef. The chicken is 3.79$, and the beef costs 2.99$. It is cheap and affordable to the regular customer. However many people are very upset because the Queslalupa has been discontinued. There are rumors that it may come back but no one is sure.

Here is a website blog post from a very upset Taco Bell customer. If you love the Quesalupa as much as this customer does you can go to Bring back the Quesalupa and sign the petition.

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