Born the hard way

By Kate Mills

For Super Bowl 51 Budweiser wanted to go in a different approach. This super bowl marks there 28th birthday of having an ad in the super bowl. This commercial captures the true heritage of the Budweiser product and the man that started it all. In the 60 seconds that Budweisers had for there commercial they chose to focus there and the audiences attention on Adolphus Busch ( co- founder of Budweiser) and he emigrated from Germany to St. Louis Missouri. With the soft music playing the background, it lets the audience focus on his journey. Letting people notice all the hardship he had to endure during his travel. From the horrible boat ride, to not being wanted in America, to jumping off at burring boat, to walking to St. Louis. When he finally makes it to St. Louis, some one who was walking by him say ” welcome to St. Louis”. Which sold him on staying in St. Louis. At the end we find out that the man that offered him a drink was the other co-founder of BudweiserScreen Shot 2017-02-12 at 2.10.49 PM.png

Something different about this commercial is that it doesn’t feel like one. Its not a classic super bowl commercial, filled with comedy, and thrown in your face of what the company is trying to sell you on. Its more set as a movie trailer. Only at the end we find out what they are trying to sell the audience. The music isn’t over powering the commercial, it almost helped the audience follow along what is happening. when the music gets louder, more exciting things are happening, when the music gets soft it lets you hear what the actors are saying.

Budweiser wants to permute freedom and the pursuit of the American dream are nothing wit out ambition. this is something that the brand has believed in throughout its 141 years of being a company, directly dating back to when Adolphus Busch came to america. Some symbols in this commercial are that Adolphus Busch is the ideal American Dreamer. He is coming from a different country in the hopes that this new opportunity will make a difference in his life. Also in this commercial we get to see a glimpse of horses when Busch gets to Saint Louis. There are shots of two Clydesdales standing in the background. This is important foreshadowing because those horses will become the new mascot of the company. Seeing the horses in a good place where people want him could be an indicator that those horses would be a good mascot.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 2.08.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 2.10.49 PM.pngThis commercial is for everyone. Not so much younger kids but the ages between 21-40. It shows that everyone can chance there dreams and do what they want. August A Busch iii says “his story will resonate with consumers from all walks of life and provide a lasting point of connection to the brand”. this isn’t a commercial that is singling one group, but is something for everyone and anyone can get something out of it.

According to CBS a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl would cost about 5 Million dollars. With an average of 114.4 million views you could see why they would set the price to high for an ad. Budweiser is worth about 23.4 billion dollars. In 2016 it was place on the Forber list of worlds most Valuable Brands. After seeing this commercial Trump supports though it was stick to his administration on the whole immigration ban. They were tweets going around saying #boycottBudweiser. Budweiser said that they had this commercial planned in advance of the ban so it had nothing to do with Trump. The commercial was more focused on painting a picture of the american dream.


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