Bud Light “Between Friends” ad




During the 2017 AFC and NFC Championship games, Bud Light released their new “Between Friends” commercial. This ad contains two men who have been friends throughout their adult lives. These men have stuck together through thick and thin, and have always shared a Bud Light together whether the moment is big or small. All of the moments these men have shared together have been linked together into a toast at one of their weddings. This ad does a great job of making you want to cherish your moments with friends, and most importantly, buy Bud Light.


Bud Light does a good job of picking moments that you are likely to share with your friends. They have the obvious moments like watching a football game and eating wings; but they also have moments like moving a couch and running out of gas. Those little moments may not be as fun but they are equally as relatable as the former. This ad is very relatable in the sense that you either have or will experience most of these moments with your friends. The song is Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns and Roses, and plays a significant role in this ad. This song makes you reminisce about the past and fits the ad perfectly. They did a good job by choosing a classic rock song because most people have heard of it and it connects with an older audience. Everything about this ad is relatable and has more than likely happened to you.

A few years ago Bud Light released their “Up for Whatever” ad campaign. That campaign worked very well and even went on to Bud Light sponsoring a town and even a cruise ship during Super Bowl XLVIII. Although that ad was extremely successful, they are switching their views from partying to making memories with your friends. With that said, their targeted audience switches from college kids to middle aged adults living in the real world. This doesn’t mean that Bud Light will lose the college demographic, but they are trying to target a different group of people.

Anheuser-Busch is the worlds biggest beer company in the world. Brewing close to 50 different brands of beer, Anheuser-Busch dominates the beer market both nationally and globally. Their most prominent brands of beer include Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Busch, Michelob Ultra and Natural Light. These brews differ in price points and styles of beer, however Bud Light is the most popular by far.

With Anheuser-Busch being such a powerhouse, they decided to sponsor the NFL. This sponsorship is one of the biggest of all time. The deal happened in early 2016 and is a 6 year deal where Bud Light has to pay the NFL $1.4 billion. This deal carries through the 2022 Super Bowl and allows Bud Light to be even more of a powerhouse around sports. Bud Light now has “Bud Light Players of the Game” and also has team cans. This deal helps with Super Bowl commercial deals.

Bud Light has spent over $285 Million over the past 10 Super Bowls. Thats about $30 Million a year. That usually covers about 2-3 different commercials.

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