Blade Runner

By Emily Bennett

After watching the movie, The Blade Runner, I personally believe that the underlying moral question of the movie is that love and emotion are what makes us humans. The main character, Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is called out of retirement to exterminate the Replicants who have escaped and are loose in the city. These machines blend in with the rest of the population, however they pose a serious threat as they are capable of causing harm to the general public. Deckard’s job is to get rid of them before they cause destruction to the world. Most of the Replicants are dangerous and need to be exterminated however, the fifth Replicant, Rachael, was unaware that she was actually a Replicant, and as a result developed many human-like qualities. Although Deckard’s mission is to destroy all of the Replicants, Deckard cannot find it in himself to retire Rachael as he develops real feelings towards her.

I think the film is aiming to say that humans desire other humans and the feelings that they possess. The movie comments on the idea of ethics and humanity by suggesting that in a futuristic society like this, human kind cannot rely on machines and technology, instead they must rely on one another and trust that the human race can take care of itself. Deckard is put in a tough position of having to choose whether or not to exterminate Rachael and must decide between what he is told verses what he feels and knows the right thing to do is. As a society, we should never let technology get so out of hand that the human race is no longer in control.

Additionally, I think The Blade Runner has been so influential and critically acclaimed in Sci-Fi circles because within the film, there is a conflict between good and evil, a certain degree of believability, and well developed visual effects that allow for an entertaining and influential film in the movie industry. The movie takes place in the future, 2019, which is only two years away from the present so it’s interesting to see that we thought our future would have similar architecture, high tech transportation and functioning robots.

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