Blade Runner

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

After reading “Blade Runner Legacy” and watching the film Blade Runner, we agree with the what the reading had to say. The reading took a look at plenty of different aspects of the film and looked at why they were like that and what it meant. The essay looked at things like the setting of Los Angeles, the morality of the author, and even the feminist value of Rachel. After reading the article, all that was said seems to make sense in regards to the film. You can see the Legacy the movie has left behind, with countless articles written analyzing it, a video game made based off it, and even a sequel to the film coming out sometime this year.

This movie has been so influential and critically acclaimed in sci-fi circles because it is a very possible movie. With the way society is going, technology advances further and further every year. The basis of this movie, the replicants, is a concept that is not far from what could actually happen. As technology advances, everything we use gets more life like. Some technology can talk to you and some can even recognize your face. As technology continues to improve, we don’t want it going in the direction of Blade Runner.

The movie comments on humanity and ethics showing how the way technology is going is ethically wrong. It makes a point that humans aren’t always thinking ethically when it comes to technology and can make many wrong decisions. It continues to show that as we make robots and technology become more and more human, we are taking our human value away. Deckard falls in love with a replicant, because in the beginning he couldn’t even tell that it was not a human. Technology should never come to this point.

Blade Runner poses the question of what makes us human by showing how close the replicants are to humans. What truly should make us human is our emotions and how we feel. The question of what makes us human is not very relevant in society today. Even through sexism, racism and many other problems going on today, we feel like every still is aware that all humans have value, whether some peoplle show it or not.

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