Blade Runner Analysis

By Elizabeth Banquer

Blade Runner (1982) directed by Ridley Scott is a futuristic and technological thought provoking film that takes place in the year 2019. The film focuses on the concept of what it means to be human rather than non-human. The film parallels between real and synthetic characters and the overlaying theme of humanity versus technology is apparent.

The film follows main character Rick Deckard played by notorious actor Harrison Ford. Deckard is a former blade runner and the film follows his journey and constant altercation with technological enterprise Tyrell Corporation, while dealing with the newest replicant technology the Nexus 6 model.

“The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic” written by Will Brooker discusses how Blade Runner is a science fiction cult classic film and paints it in a positive light, writing how it’s futuristic themes make it a fan favorite film.

This film was an interesting concept and allowed viewers to question what the future will be like when technology is more dominant and can cause fear for the future. Overall the film causes viewers to think about the future and ponder if the movie’s setting and concept can actually occur. I believe it’s though provoking themes and setting allows the film to have its mass fan following and the cult-classic title.

The movie focuses on the theme of humanity; the film has numerous synthetic characters and discusses what it means to be human versus artificial. Several characters are the new Tyrell Company Nexus 6 models and how they act and the other characters act and deal around them is the questionable theme of ethics. Ethics is the principle of what is seen as “moral” or “good” in a situation so how the synthetic and artificial characters and themes are represented and reacted to add to the theme of humanity and ethics.

The underlying question of the film is “what makes us human?”, this question is fully represented in the film. In Blade Runner there are 3 synthetic characters, one of them is named Racheal, and her relationship with main character Deckard especially at the end of the film proves that even though she is not human by nature, how she acts and her relationship with others is what in fact makes her and others human.

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