Blade Runner

After watching The Blade Runner and reading “Blade Runner Legacy”, I would say that I agree with what the readings had to say about the film. The text mentioned the ambiguity of the characters within the film including Deckard himself, and how it has led to new depictions of morality within the sci-fi genre in general, which I think many people can agree with. The reading also talked about Rachel’s character in the plot as a femme fatale and how it ruptures a mostly male dominated film which I can agree with.

I think The Blade Runner has been so influential and critically acclaimed in Sci-Fi circles because not only does it present a world and society we could easily evolve into; it also forces us to question what makes us human as we continue to advance technologically and work side by side with machines. We’re constantly furthering our own intelligence and therefore our computers intelligence so it is entirely possible that we may have to draw the line at how far artificial intelligence can go in the future, which is an intriguing thought.

With regards to humanity and ethics, the film is full of comments, blatant and subtle. The main character Deckard is clearly shown as being distraught each time he has to kill a replicant, even though he knows they are not human. This behavior clearly shows that Deckard is unsure if what he is doing is ethical as he begins to question what makes us human and if the replicants really aren’t so different from us. His complicated relationship with Rachel makes it clear that he has empathy towards the man made robots even though he doesn’t like it. The bleak and dark environment on Earth in the city portrays humanity as a grim population that has outgrown its planet and exhausted itself to the point where humans look to robots for compassion.

The movie poses the question of what makes us human is many different ways. The test Deckard and the blade runners would perform on the replicants involved analyzing emotional responses to hypothetical questions in order to determine if a subject was truly human. One of the questions asked had to do with a situation involving an animal in need of help which shows that the filmmakers viewed empathy as a critical human characteristic. When the replicants began to show empathy for each other and Deckard started falling for Rachel it furthered the question of what defines us. I don’t think the question is relevant today because so far there are many defining human characteristics and no technology has come close to replicating us entirely.

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