Blade Runner

By Michelle Boca and Amy Clerkin

After watching the film that depicts a future involving genetically manufactured humans, I found the movie very interesting. The replicants were created to be “more human than human.” Although the replicants had superior strength and agility, they lacked emotional responses and empathy. It is as if they are robots. What makes us human IS the ability to feel emotions and to feel things towards other people. The only thing that is good with the replicants is their amazing ability when it comes to physical strength. But what they do not have is the heart that makes us human. They are machines. Machines and robots do things humans cant do but humans also do things that machines can’t do, and thats to feel.

Creating the “perfect human” is relevant today because there are new scientific procedures that allows us to design our own genes to create the perfect baby. This is called “designer babies” where specific genes and traits are taken and put together to create a baby that is to our liking. This type of procedure is controversial because we are not letting nature do its own job. Although the babies created are still regular babies and will grow up to be regular human beings, the step that science has taken has advanced faster than expected.

After reading “Blade Runner Legacy” and watching the movie, we agree with what the article says about the film. The article discussed the significance of different aspects of the film such as the ambiguity of Deckard and the setting of Los Angeles. “Blade Runner Legacy” also mentions the impact of letting technology “take over” and get out of hand. The article also touches on the influence of the film and how it is still relevant to this day. It is especially relevant today with the constant development of new technology.


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