Bachelor Nation

By Emily Bennett and Elizabeth Banquer

Bachelor Nation is one of the most loyal fan communities out there with over ten thousand followers on twitter and a wide array of other social media accounts where viewers can easily watch and discuss the most dramatic seasons yet.2017-03-17 (2)       2017-03-17

Bachelor Nation is mainly consistent of women across the country who follow the journey of one person on their search for love. As a community Bachelor nation gathers every Monday night at 8pm sharp to watch the drama unfold. This show is taken extremely serious to fans as there are even fantasy league brackets that can be filled out prior to the shows initial airing date for fans to pick and choose their favorite cast members competing for love. In addition to this, most members of bachelor nation follow the live tweets from former and current contestants as the show airs as well as viewing bachelor recaps and commentaries on both Snapchat and YouTube. For most fans, this show is a major part of their lives and entertainment and is practically a religion.

2017-03-17 (1)

The Bachelor Fandom plays a huge role in influencing the shows progress and even helps to select the next member of the alternating Bachelor or Bachelorette season. Since the two shows are so closely connected with reappearing members of whom did not find love on the last season, it is crucial that Bachelor fans can identify who cast members are and the long train of runner-ups. Furthermore, when the show eventually gets to the final two cast members competing for the bachelor/bachelorette’s heart, the fandom basically divides into two teams depending on the relationship they are rooting for.

Several spin offs of the show have occurred due to the popularity of the Bachelor such as the Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad etc. Each show contains members from previous seasons and is another look into the messy, but exciting drama the show is all about. This particular fandom also engages in online discussion forums to keep track of the status of former cast members and couples.

2017-03-17 (3)

In addition to live audiences at The Final Rose, After the Final Rose and The Women Tell all, most fans hold viewing parties across the country and are sometimes surprised by the Bachelor or Bachelorette and Chris Harrison. The symbol of the rose is practically worshiped by Bachelor Nation as it  represents the emotional journey to find love.




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