Bieber Fever

By Michelle Boca and Amy Clerkin

Justin Bieber first started to grow a following in 2008 after Scooter Braun, a well-known talent manger, stumbled across Justin’s singing videos on Youtube. Just a year after, Bieber released his first album in 2009 titled “My World”. Young girls quickly grew an infatuation with Justin Bieber which still continues to this day.

This fandom grew just as fast as Justin Bieber did. Every time Justin would release a new album he would gain more and more fans. The term “Bieber Fever” was used to describe this obsession with Bieber. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube there a several fan accounts dedicated to Justin. These fan accounts helped to connect “Belieber” and create a community among themselves.


The Bieber fandom is like a religion to its followers because there are a lot of things that the Belieber community does in sync. For example, Justin’s favorite color is purple. A lot of Beliebers would often wear purple on a special day, whether it is a drop of an album, a movie, at a concert, or even his birthday on March 1.



Belieber fans would also create fan-fictions and post them online. The most popular website is called This website has hundreds of stories that fans have created not only about Justin Bieber but other celebrities/group such as One Direction.




Bieber fans take pride in dedicating the walls of their rooms with Bieber pictures. This is like their altar.



564f0f08ac1d720112015121608.gifThe Justin Bieber fandom has many similarities to a religion because of the large following Justin has and the dedication his fans have to him.

usher_and_justin_bieber_share_a_hug02_website_image_summertime_ball_2010_standard.jpgJustin Bieber can also be seen as a role model for younger fans.




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