Harry Potter Fandom

Kate Mills and Sam Schultz

Ever since the first book came out in June of 1997 people, we immediately hooked on the characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The way JK Rowling created the world of the Wizarding World made it seem real and created a place the children and young adults wanted to go to. When the movies came out of November 2001 the three young actors and actress, Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson captivated everyone and had them hooked. When the books and movies came out people would have books clubs based on the book, read each chapter and talk about it with your friends. Also, there would be viewing parties and watch the movie with your buddies.

Many things in the Harry Potter world make this “fake” world community. Having the books available in bookstores everywhere, online of Amazon, or Kindle. It gives people the chance to read and become a part of this world. Through these networks, a community was created. In these books, we get to read what JK Rowling was trying to convey while creating this world. When JK Rowling was releasing new books, people would wait in line for hours and would camp out for days for the latest book.

When new movies were coming out people would camp out to get tickets and stay in the same spot for days so that they could see the red carpet and see Emma, Daniel, Rupert, and the rest of the cast. Fans would dress up in robes of their favorite house for the premieres and purchase wands that Harry and the rest of the cast had. There’s a website called Pottermore where you can take a test to find out what house you are in and what kind of a wand you would have if you were apart of the community. There are also video games that you can play on Xbox, Wii, and connect where you are harry and his friends going through their story of that year.

This world is much more than just books and movies. Kids have birthday parties based around Harry Potter. Children imagine that they are a part of this fantasy, by dressing up in robes and getting wands and playing with their friends as if they were Harry and Hermione.


Harry Potter has become such a fan favorite over the years that Universal Studios created an amusement park base on Harry Potter. They recreated the Hogwarts castle, and Hogsmeade the town next to Hogwarts, they also add to it and created Diagon Ally where the student o hog warts get their school supplies in London before they get on the train at platform 9 3/4. Instead of just watching it or reading about it, you can put yourself into their world when you walk in the park.Hogwarts_-_Wizarding_World_of_Harry_Potter_-_Hollywood.jpg

YouTube is a great way for fans to connect to other Harry Potter fanatics around the world. Here is a clip that demonstrates how fans interact. Fan art allows one to express their talent and love for Harry Potter.


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