Barstool Sports

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

Barstool sports is a company started by Dave Portnoy. He began it as a paper company and has now evolved it into a huge company that was bought by Peter Chernin of The Chernin Group. Chernin bought them a huge place for offices and appointed a new CEO to expand the business. The Barstool sports fan community, or Stoolies, are some of the most dedicated fans on the internet. They act as a religion in the way that they follow the bloggers of the company as if they were gods. The blogs posted by the bloggers and the podcasts and videos made by them act as the texts for these fans to live by.

One example of the fans dedication is the “Uh hey jj” joke that now takes place on every single one of JJ Watt’s tweets. In a podcast called Pardon My Take, one of the most popular Barstool employees, known as Big Cat, started a segment called “Uh hey jj” where him and his co hosts would take one of JJ Watt’s tweets and try and make it sound like he was saying something wrong with it. After the first time this was done, all fans of barstool started to partake in this joke and haven’t stopped to this day.

The largest proof that the stoolies follow Barstool like a religion is with ex-NFL punter Pat McAfee. A recurring guest on the podcast Pardon My Take and a huge stole, he retired very early from the NFL when the president of Barstool offered him a position. Once he got offered a job at Barstool, he retired from the NFL, at only 28 years old, where he would have received around 3 million a year, to join Barstool and make no where near that. This act stands above all others to show how Barstool could be seen as a religion to the fan community.

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