My Story Project

By Maria Vazquez

For the My Story Project, I chose to create a video about my trip to Ireland over spring break 2017. The reason I chose this was because it happened recently so I could remember all the places we visited. While working on the video it was difficult to find a good application for creating videos on my PC. But I have an Iphone so I used the iMovie application on my cell phone to create the movie. When I started the creating process it was difficult for me to use iMovie, because I have never mad a movie with that software before.

I took many photos on my trip so it was hard to pick which ones would go into the video. I created a video with all my photos, but it was really long so I had to take many photos out. I think I chose the best photos to go into the video, however, some of the photos don’t really have a good quality. After the photos were put together I had to choose a song that would fit the overall theme of my video. The song I wanted originally was too short and did not really fit into the overall theme. Then I had to do the voice recording which was a very difficult task because I would mess up constantly.I finally got the recording done, and the project was complete. I am happy with the finished version of my project.


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