My story project

by: Kate Mills

For my My Story, I chose to make a video about my high school soccer team mainly on my senior year. I chose this because growing up all I wanted to do was be on this team. I would go to Mason soccer games when 8 or 9 and look up to these players because I thought that they were amazing. But really after joining the team I realized that the team and program is like a family. We would tell people that we are a family and that we each have 17 sisters because thats how close our team was. Something that I struggles with while making this video was the voice over because Im not the loudest talker. also I was very stressed about picking out a song that fit the videos I used and the pictures and a song that added to my theme of family and having a great time. Something that I’m most proud of in the video is that it flows well and that I was able to get all the pictures I wanted in the video. Somethings I added and took aaa from the video after my critique day was, I took out the part of my talking about the second clarke country game, and i added more subtitles. Also I made myself louder during the part about the first clarke county.  I added credits and I also added a subtitles that explained that its my senior year.

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