Global Advertising

By: Elizabeth Banquer and Emily Bennett

The main argument of Chapter 7 Essay Translating Advertising Painting the Tip of an Iceberg, is that advertising and the global outflow of media can change based on geographical location and should adapt appropriately according to the different cultures, customs, and languages of that particular nation. Variances in the way one country displays an advertisement such as the particular words used, icons, and other methods of delivery may make cross-international advertisements difficult and complex. When trying to send a message across borders its important to pay attention to symbolic differences, different control mechanisms, beliefs and attitudes of the new market being targeted. In some cases, advertisements displayed in one country may not be relevant in other countries so it would be relatively useless to try and advertise globally.

In the above commercial, Apple is promoting the new IPhone4s with particular focus on Siri and the ability to use voice recognition. This advertising could be easily viewed globally as it emphasizes different languages across the world all performing the same daily task. This particular advertisement is effective in showing a wide variety of cultures that would be able to use their product. By incorporating daily functions into the commercial such as sending text messages, checking the time, setting reminders, tracking transportation, etc. Apple has effectively advertised to a mass population worldwide. Someone who lives in China or Spain could easily understand this commercial and be just as likely to purchase the IPhone4s as someone in America because the commercial is so universal. The commercial is easily translational because it covers a variety of cultural contexts and languages.

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