Translating Advertising Activity

Written by Jack Walzer and Joey Martino

In the reading, “Translating Advertising Painting the Tip of an Iceberg”, the author conveys how important advertising is and how it works. Advertising consists of many different aspects with the most important being concepts, ideas and visuals. Advertising is the business of getting your product out so people see it and want to buy it. Concepts and ideas are very important because companies need to come up with their ideas in order to carry out an Ad campaign. Visuals are also a very important aspect of advertising due to the fact that people need to see your product to want to buy it. Visuals are key because they help the customer remember the product when they see it in the store or when they need the utilities of that product.

Advertising is a universal business that varies from nation to nation. The concept of global advertising was based on the assumed universality of basic emotions such as happiness, anger and fear. Much research on emotions has been designed to test the hypothesis of universality (Marieke de Mooij). A good advertisement doesn’t have boarders and can be enjoyed universally.

I think this commercial would translate from one culture to the other because it is an advertising campaign that is also in many different countries. Other cultures would be able to understand the idea of the commercial because they have seen similar commercials in their own cultures.

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