Translating Advertising

By Michelle Boca and Amy Clerkin

The three main points of the essay “Translating Advertising Painting the Tip of an Iceberg”  are the differences in culture, language, and communication styles from country to country. Concepts and ideas in one culture won’t necessarily be relevant for another. Language plays a role in how the advertisement is interpreted and is the structure behind the concept of the ad. Language can also create a barrier for other countries and cultures. Creators have different ways and styles that they want to communicate their idea or concept behind the advertisement.




Coke, although an American company, is merchandized world-wide. This commercial will “translate” from one culture to another because Coca Cola is known throughout the entire world. In this advertisement, it is showing two different armies that are about to fight and once the guy says “Hey, there is enough for everybody,” everyone comes together in unification. This can be a symbol for Coca Cola bringing everyone together. Even the worst of enemies can sit down and have a Coke and forget about their issues. Everyone is familiar with Coca Cola so this advertisement will have people relate to it, even if people may not understand what the characters are saying, the actions alone show the new formed alliance.

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