My Story Project: Antigua Vacation

Drew Pearson

For my topic for this project I chose to do my trip to Antigua because it was really fun and definitely one of the more memorable vacations I’ve been on. I loved the island and the unlimited amount of activities that were available to us like snorkeling, zip-lining, and jet skiing. It was exciting being in a foreign country because everything was different and I never new quite what to expect. One thing I struggled with during this project was the programs I had to use to create the video. The one I made the slideshow on did not allow me to record so I had to shuffle between programs to put it all together. I also ran into some recording issues and interruptions and my computer restarted so I had to record many times. Due to another problem with the program I used to put my voice over the video it would not allow me to export that version, but it is still saved with my narration on my computer.

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