My Story Project: Long Beach Island

By: Samantha Schultz

My Story: Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island (LBI), New Jersey is a place I like to call my home away from home. Some may just think it is a summer vacation, but it is so much more than that.  I have had a handful amount of summer jobs some good and bad, but it was fun to be doing it with family and friends. The most beautiful thing about LBI is the sunsets and sunrises, it leaves you in awe, to me it is the little things that create the most memorable memories. Living down the shore in the summer has defiantly had its ups and downs, but it has challenged my strength and allowed me to grow into the person I am today. If you are to go to one place in new jersey, I would defiantly recommend visiting LBI.  I have made lifetime friendship and long lasting memories. It is a place of family generations, and I will continue that trend when I get older also. I was very excited to do this project because I have never created a video before and I was excited because I was making about a place I love. The challenging part of this assignment was making the movie since I do not have a Mac I found it challenging to find an app that would allow me to make the movie in the way that I needed to. It was also challenging because I could not do a voice over the music, the voice was not loud enough, so I had to do the voice in the beginning. I also had a hard time exporting the video because I have to buy the trial. Overall it was very challenging to make the movie. What I added was more captions that way people understand where I was or what the places are called.

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