Translating Advertising

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

The three most important points/observation of the essay Translating Advertising Painting the Tip of an Iceberg are culture, language, and communication styles. Many cultures have different beliefs and values than other countries. When talking about a concept or idea in the United States, it might mean differently in Asia or Thailand. It is important that in creating an advertisement, the makers are aware of the values, beliefs, and norms of that country. In different cultures they have different schemas which can be developed through various advertisements, this brings different cultures together through media example youtube is a favorite source.
There are some concepts of advertising that people want to include, power distance, individualism, Masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. When making an advertisement, the makers have a target audience, and they try and figure out how to get their message across so that people want their products. Language plays a vital role in, and advertisement since English is a very known and spoken language, many commercials translate from English or include subtitles. The language structure is imperative in understanding a publication since the idea and concept of the ad has to make sense.
Another big part of advertising is communication styles. When creating an advertisement, the creators have to have visuals and concepts that make sense. Different communication styles go with each message; there are many different styles Verbal personal style, elegant verbal style, and exacting or precise style that advertisers use to create and advertisement that all cultures can understand. The visual is the most important part because even if you do not understand the language, the picture and communication style allows another culture to get the gist of the message.
This commercial is a McDonald’s commercial in Italy; you could use the same video, the ad would be okay for american views. Since McDonald’s is a well know company, and they have very distinct characteristic this commercial can use this commercial anywhere and anytime.

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