Celebrity research

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

In “Imaginary Social Relationships,” Neil Alperstein discusses how many people develop fake relationships with celebrities. This could greatly help the brand, but also could hurt it in some ways. With famous people, there are always people who will gravitate towards them, but also those who don’t like them. Another risk you run with a celebrity is the chance of a scandal which could then directly affect your product. It is always running a risk of people not feeling comfortable with one of their favorite celebrities in an ad or the way they are portrayed in that ad. Alperstein is making the point that advertising with celebrities can help a lot but also their is a chance it comes back to hurt them.

Chance the Rapper

Chancelor Bennet, more commonly known as Chance the Rapper, is a prominent singer and song writer from Chicago. Aside from his music, Chance the Rapper is well known for not signing with a record label, making free music, and his philanthropy in Chicago. Chance uses social media to connect with fans while also promoting his music and his business. Chance’s website,  http://chanceraps.com ,is where he controls his business of selling concert tickets and merch. This website is Chance’s primary source of income because he doesn’t make any money off of his music. Chance often tweets about upcoming tours, new song realizes and his everyday thoughts. On Instagram, Chance allows us an inside look on his life by posting pictures of his moments with his daughter. Chance the Rapper is one of the biggest names in music right now and has to maintain his image on social media. Most artists have social media but Chance uses his in a way that hasn’t been done before. Chance the Rapper is changing the music business and uses social media as a tool to gain more support.

Remember who you are.

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