Celebrities and Social Media

by Alec Rudolph, Drew Pearson, and Paul DiPasqua

In Neil Alperstein’s essay, “The imaginary social world and use of media figures in advertising”, he points out that the knowledge of media figures is an important part of our everyday social interactions. He explains how effective media figures are in advertising due to the fact that they serve as role models to many and function as an outlet for positive and negative feelings to be vented. He also talks about the illusion of intimacy which is when the media figure addresses the audience directly to create a more personal connection with the viewer.

Our first celebrity is Seth Rogen. He is an American actor who stars and sometimes directs comedies. He is currently active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, though they serve different roles. He is not very active on Instagram or Facebook, as he has not posted on either since October 2016. He doesn’t mind interacting with other celebrities.

Me and Snoop at #HilarityForCharity. That was amazing

A post shared by Seth (@sethrogen) on

Seth is much more active on Twitter, often using his comedic popularity to his advantage by adding satirical twists to political news. He clearly has more liberal views, so during the election he often sided with Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders while bashing Donald Trump. He does not endorse any products but his own, such as his recent film Sausage Party in which he starred and directed, or more recently the AMC TV show Preacher, of which he is the executive producer.

Stephen A Smith is a very well known sports broadcaster and analyst. He is very active across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (he has over 3 million followers). Often times his radio station goes live on Facebook, where thousands of fans tune in to listen. He is also very interactive with his fans on twitter, often responding to hate and rebuttals from angry fans. Smith is known to be very over the top, especially concerning “THE WEEEDUH”.

Smith does not endorse any products or companies on social media except the one he works for, ESPN. He also often tweets about and retweets tweets involving the NBA, NFL, and NHL, but he is not so much endorsing those organizations as much as he is being a fan. He was in a commercial for Alberto Beef Jerky, but that is the only recent advertisement he has appeared in.

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