By: Emily Bennett and Elizabeth Banquer

Instagram was first created on Oct. 6th 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger from San Francisco. Instagram is a social media platform where users create accounts to post and share photos, videos, and stories with friends. As personal as Instagram started out, several businesses and advertisements have taken a hold of Instagram creating a wide variety of accounts for users to follow (friends, celebrities, businesses, quote pages, fan pages, etc.). Since users easily interact with one another and generate the content, this social media platform is an example of Web2.0.

Initially, the creation of Instagram replaced the media method in which people shared photos by digitizing polaroid’s and photo albums. Additionally, Instagram allowed individuals to connect with others and stay up-to-date on current news and gossip. Instagram has taken off over the years adding new features and continuously updating their platform. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012 for a billion dollars.


Over the years Instagram has developed into a greater social media platform all across the world by consistently introducing new features. Instagram is now available in 25 languages and can be used worldwide. In addition, Instagram has moved from the original square photo with few filters to a variety of filters, custom cropping, videos, stories, live stories, geotag locations, tagging friends, direct message, and an explorer page.


In addition to these features, Instagram has now become a huge marketplace for businesses and companies to advertise their products and stores. Many companies sponsor famous accounts or create brand awareness through their own account. This replaces older forms of advertisements such as newspaper clippings and other print advertisements by creating a free and fast way to target new customers.

Privacy settings and restrictions on Instagram include allowing individuals to create private accounts so that users can monitor who exactly they allow to follow them. In addition to privacy settings, users can also turn off comments on posts and block other users.

Instagram is a social form of communication that allows users to communicate through pictures, videos, and captions. As the app progresses there have been numerous trends that have taken the public by storm. For instance several days of the week have their own nickname and a hashtag to go along: #mancrushmonday, #traveltuesday, #womancrushwednesday, #throwbackthursday, #flashbackfriday,  #saturdaysareforthe boys, and #selfiesunday. There is also the trend of “finstas” which are fake instagrams where users post things they would not normally post on their “rinstas” or real instagrams.

When instagram first hit the app store it instantly became a success. Its success branches from the fact that at that time it was so unlike any other app that the public were so intrigued by it that everyone wanted to download it. The growing population is the main force that played a role in the app’s early innovation.





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