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  1. Possible job positions
    1. Producer
      1. A film producer are responsible for the behind the scenes decisions from movies such as those regarding films finances scripts selections and cast management. Film producers aren’t always required to have certain educational credentials. However a bachelors and masters degree programs that give them a solid knowledge of business practices and are helpful to filmaking or broadcasting.
    2. Scriptwriter  
      1. They create the plot and characters and the dialog in a motion picture. While some screen writers may focus their work on creating original stories other may prefer to use their talents to adapt books or plays into films scripts. Writing is essential to become a screenplay writers but a regular paycheck is not a guarantee. So it is also important for individuals to network and make connections in order to get their work read by producers and directors.
        1. Salary median salary for all writers and authors is 58,850 per year.
    3. Talent Agent
      1. Agents find scripts for their actor or director clients to read. They shop around their clients’ headshots, film reels, and original scripts to studios and independent production companies across the country. They negotiate salaries and complicated profit-sharing deals with movie studios and distribution companies. They find extra promotional and sponsorship opportunities for their clients, whether it’s putting their face on a perfume campaign or shooting commercials for a Japanese soft drink. They make sure their clients are booked in the right hotel rooms, the right airplane flights and have all of their favorite food and music and clothes when they arrive.
        2. 26,024 – $101,367
      2. source :


  1. current state of employment in the profession
  2. Changes 
in the profession that may affect employment. For example, the expansion of the
Internet means advertising firms will need those who can design ads suitable
for web sites.
  • Producers
    • In 2004 there was 122,600 jobs and the outlook is just expanding. 9% faster than average. This is because more and more actors and actresses want to produce their own shows or movies. There are many celebrities that have made a name for themselves on the big screen and then they decide that they want to direct something.
    • Employment of producers and directors is projected to have a growth of 9% from 2014 and 2024. This is moving at a very fast pass. Some jobs growth in the motion picture industry is expected to stem from strong demand of the public. If more people are looking at movies and looking forward to movies. People also are more demanding to watch tv so they need more producers and directors. Also because of this day in age foreign audiences are more and more popular for US produced films. Also since everyone is very into seeing what celebrities are like reality tv shows are more popular than ever. There is a high in demand for reality shows on TV, this has expended and expected to increase so more producers and directors will be need to create and oversee editing these programs.
    • Production companies are experimenting with new content, and different methods of delivery. Something that they will have to think of is different ways to watch tv, such as watching them on mobile phones and online which will lead to more job opportunities for producers and directors in the future do to the fast growth of technology.  
    • Selena gomez, became very popular due to her show on disney channel and her music, is now one of the executive producers on the new netflix show thirteen reasons why that are on netflix.
    • Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Producers and Directors,
    • on the Internet at (visited April 10, 2017).
  • Writers
    • Writers and authors are projected to grow 2 percent from 2014 to 2024, this unfortunately a slower rise in average for all occupations. Despite the slower than average employment growth online publication and services are growing in numbers. Some experienced writers could find work in public relations department or nonprofit organizations.
    • I also think that if there are more producers and more directors that they are going to need to have more and more people that need to help write their scripts.
  1. Education 


The education requirements of a producer is a bachelor’s degree, joint master of business administration/ Master of fine art are also helpful to have.

A theater management bachelor’s degree program can include classes in acting directing, and script study and staging plays. Additional students learn accounting public relations and management skills. Film studies degree may be helpful as well.

Study .com. “Film Producer: Education Requirements, Salary and Job Duties.” BBB Accredited Business, n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.


Bachelor’s degree

Creative writing film production

No experience necessary but college programs or contest may be provided opportunities to get scripts produced

Key skills – creativity and the ability to communicate a story “Become a Screenplay Writer: Career Requirements and Info.” BBB Accredited Business, n.d. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.


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