Extra Credit lecture

Kate, Sam, and Amy

On April 20th 2017 loyola host and editor from the baltimore sun to come and talk about the news paper and the future of journalism big or small. Before he started talking he gave some background information about himself. He graduated from here Loyola Maryland University, but when he went here it was called Loyola Maryland  college. He met his wife here while working on the school news paper (Green and white) and made many friends. When he first came to Loyola he wanted to be a Bio  Major, but he soon realized that bio wasn’t for him. He went to his advisor for there yearly meeting and he advisor told him that he should think about changing his major and maybe working for the news paper. The rest was history.

Something important that he said was the “journalism isn’t leaving  its just changing”. He said that we have to adapt to the times we are in. When he was in college no one really had cell phones and now thats probably the first thing you check every morning before you get out of bed. news papers are a dying profession because most people now a days don’t get an actual news paper they just get there news from there computers or on there iPhones, iPads, and or smartphones.

On the baltimore sun the write article on nation wide events, local event, sports, and they cover stories that touch peoples hearts not just through writing but through pictures as well. The baltimore sun covered the Rokerton when loyola got a world record for crab walking. Instead of the classic printing it out in the newspaper, they had videos and pictures of people participating and watching the students crab walking on the quad. They also interviewed Al Roker on what he though about the crab walk on video.

Since journalism isn’t going away because people need to know everything in this day in age it will be easier if we learn how to adapt to new things that come along. people were shocked when the first iPhone came out because it was something they have never seen before. people we interested by the internet because it was something that was so new and different. Both of these things everyone takes for granted today. Who’s to say that something next isnt going to come around and change the way we read our news next.


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