Extra Credit

By: Emily Bennett

After listening to Trif Alatzas, a Loyola Alumni and current publisher and editor-in-chief of The Baltimore Sun, speak about journalism and the future of journalism, I would agree that this industry is not leaving us, but is merely changing and evolving over the years. With the introduction of new mediums to share content on, it’s important for journalists and reporters to cover a multitude of platforms so that they can reach a larger audience and make an impact in society. Since new technologies have been introduced over the years, journalists should focus not just on newspapers, EBooks, reporting and traditional forms of writing, but also through social media and other online methods.

In addition, he talked about how within journalism, photos and videos are becoming more and more important to the content that a journalist discusses and posts. You can reach a greater audience and impact more people when you create and post things that others can see, not just facts that they read or hear. A picture says a thousand words and our society is becoming more and more visually dependent. It makes it easier for people to understand the context of information and engage in actual emotion related to whatever a journalist is exploring.

Since journalists are on the forefront and the middlemen between important news and a community of people, this profession will never leave us. I believe that journalism and especially photo-journalism will continue to grow as we become more and more technologically savvy. There is no telling what other platforms will emerge so its crucial that those in this industry can adapt with the changing environment and effectively communicate news to a large audience.



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