By Jack Walzer, Amy Clerkin, Joey Martino, Michelle Boca

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By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

The art of photography and photo-sharing has been around ever since the camera was invented in 1814. Sharing photographs was more challenging pre web 2.0 due to the tedious process of developing film and the physical aspect of sharing a photo. Things got easier with the emergence of Polaroids, however photo-sharing was advanced with the invention of the digital camera. The digital camera helped people to take pictures with ease, and allowed them to share pictures in a matter of seconds. Multiple websites were created for photo-sharing which paved the way for Instagram. Instagram launched in 2010, creating a platform for sharing photos with your friends. The first adapters to Instagram were obviously millennials, and it was only a matter of time until this app took off. Instagram is able to influence the social, economic and culture aspects of social media by sharing photos. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The app was soon picked up by children, adults and even companies trying to get a voice on this platform. Instagram has created the ability to share your direct experience or thought in a matter of seconds.

In the essay we read for class, it discussed how Web 2.0 has slowly evolved from very simple ideas from the old days. It showed how all the new ideas on the Web all have a base that is rooted in some simpler idea that they expanded upon. The article also discussed how this new wave of technology is more user friendly and based on interacting with each other and sharing your lives. Instagram is Web 2.0 because it connects users through pictures, videos and stories. Instagram advances on the art of photography and photo sharing. It now makes these tasks much easier and gives other ways to share your memories.

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Its early innovation came about because its creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krueger, knew that there would be a market for picture sharing on the internet. This small app was pretty popular in the beginning. It evolved into the next phase because although the app was taking off, they knew there was much more that their users wanted, so they expanded into videos. The largest force was when Facebook bought the app. This revolutionized the app, bringing many strong features to it. They used their previous knowledge from working on Facebook to code the app differently so the timeline works differently. They also added stories and multiple pictures or videos in one post.

Instagram has evolved from a small app for sharing pictures into much more. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, continuing its growth. Over the years, Instagram has implemented new functions adding to its popularity and growth. Instagram now allows its users to create videos, stories and even live videos. Instagram currently has over 600 million users and is constantly adding more. The advancement of web 2.0 allows Instagram to grow by adding new features while also sticking to its roots of photo-sharing.




Celebrity research

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

In “Imaginary Social Relationships,” Neil Alperstein discusses how many people develop fake relationships with celebrities. This could greatly help the brand, but also could hurt it in some ways. With famous people, there are always people who will gravitate towards them, but also those who don’t like them. Another risk you run with a celebrity is the chance of a scandal which could then directly affect your product. It is always running a risk of people not feeling comfortable with one of their favorite celebrities in an ad or the way they are portrayed in that ad. Alperstein is making the point that advertising with celebrities can help a lot but also their is a chance it comes back to hurt them.

Chance the Rapper

Chancelor Bennet, more commonly known as Chance the Rapper, is a prominent singer and song writer from Chicago. Aside from his music, Chance the Rapper is well known for not signing with a record label, making free music, and his philanthropy in Chicago. Chance uses social media to connect with fans while also promoting his music and his business. Chance’s website, ,is where he controls his business of selling concert tickets and merch. This website is Chance’s primary source of income because he doesn’t make any money off of his music. Chance often tweets about upcoming tours, new song realizes and his everyday thoughts. On Instagram, Chance allows us an inside look on his life by posting pictures of his moments with his daughter. Chance the Rapper is one of the biggest names in music right now and has to maintain his image on social media. Most artists have social media but Chance uses his in a way that hasn’t been done before. Chance the Rapper is changing the music business and uses social media as a tool to gain more support.

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My Story: Vacation to Italy

by Joey Martino

For my project, I decided to tell the story of the time my family and I went to Italy for Thanksgiving break of my senior year of high school. We travelled to many different cities in Italy and learned about the history and landmarks of each city. I chose to write about this because it was my favorite vacation I have ever gone on and I learned a lot about the culture of Italy while I was their. My favorite part of this project was learning how to navigating through a video making application. The worst part about this project to me was having to go through all the pictures and pick a couple, because there were so many. Overall, I really enjoyed this project.

Barstool Sports

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

Barstool sports is a company started by Dave Portnoy. He began it as a paper company and has now evolved it into a huge company that was bought by Peter Chernin of The Chernin Group. Chernin bought them a huge place for offices and appointed a new CEO to expand the business. The Barstool sports fan community, or Stoolies, are some of the most dedicated fans on the internet. They act as a religion in the way that they follow the bloggers of the company as if they were gods. The blogs posted by the bloggers and the podcasts and videos made by them act as the texts for these fans to live by.

One example of the fans dedication is the “Uh hey jj” joke that now takes place on every single one of JJ Watt’s tweets. In a podcast called Pardon My Take, one of the most popular Barstool employees, known as Big Cat, started a segment called “Uh hey jj” where him and his co hosts would take one of JJ Watt’s tweets and try and make it sound like he was saying something wrong with it. After the first time this was done, all fans of barstool started to partake in this joke and haven’t stopped to this day.

The largest proof that the stoolies follow Barstool like a religion is with ex-NFL punter Pat McAfee. A recurring guest on the podcast Pardon My Take and a huge stole, he retired very early from the NFL when the president of Barstool offered him a position. Once he got offered a job at Barstool, he retired from the NFL, at only 28 years old, where he would have received around 3 million a year, to join Barstool and make no where near that. This act stands above all others to show how Barstool could be seen as a religion to the fan community.

Blade Runner

By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

After reading “Blade Runner Legacy” and watching the film Blade Runner, we agree with the what the reading had to say. The reading took a look at plenty of different aspects of the film and looked at why they were like that and what it meant. The essay looked at things like the setting of Los Angeles, the morality of the author, and even the feminist value of Rachel. After reading the article, all that was said seems to make sense in regards to the film. You can see the Legacy the movie has left behind, with countless articles written analyzing it, a video game made based off it, and even a sequel to the film coming out sometime this year.

This movie has been so influential and critically acclaimed in sci-fi circles because it is a very possible movie. With the way society is going, technology advances further and further every year. The basis of this movie, the replicants, is a concept that is not far from what could actually happen. As technology advances, everything we use gets more life like. Some technology can talk to you and some can even recognize your face. As technology continues to improve, we don’t want it going in the direction of Blade Runner.

The movie comments on humanity and ethics showing how the way technology is going is ethically wrong. It makes a point that humans aren’t always thinking ethically when it comes to technology and can make many wrong decisions. It continues to show that as we make robots and technology become more and more human, we are taking our human value away. Deckard falls in love with a replicant, because in the beginning he couldn’t even tell that it was not a human. Technology should never come to this point.

Blade Runner poses the question of what makes us human by showing how close the replicants are to humans. What truly should make us human is our emotions and how we feel. The question of what makes us human is not very relevant in society today. Even through sexism, racism and many other problems going on today, we feel like every still is aware that all humans have value, whether some peoplle show it or not.

Betty White Snickers Commercial

By Joey Martino

In 2010, Snickers released a commercial featuring Betty White as the star. This commercial started a line of similar ads that essentially “launched the global comeback”  of the snickers bar.

In this ad, a group of men are playing football in muddy field. One of the people playing is Betty white and she gets laid out by a guy. When they return into the huddle one player tells the man that we see as Betty White, that he is playing like Betty White. At this point, a girl brings Betty a snickers and tells her to eat it because “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” After he eats the snickers he turns back into the man he is because snickers has fixed his hunger. The snickers advertising group has run with this campaign and it has made the company much more successful.

Semiotics play a huge factor in this ad. The whole ad, and ad campaign is centered on the snickers bar as a symbol. This candy bar symbolizes, in a sense, something that make a drastic change in your life. In this ad, a man is seen to be playing football at the level of Betty white, and his friends are getting on him for it. The snickers bar then changes his play and improves his performance. The snickers bar therefore acts as a tool to improve your performance. They are using this ad to improve the meaning of the snickers bar and giving it a very positive image to many americans. Any person watching this ad will want the same effect. Betty White also acts as a symbol in this ad. She is very iconic and almost everyone around the world knows her. She is an american symbol. By adding her to this commercial it widens the array of viewers that this ad appeals to.

This commercial appeals strongly to many different demographics. The football side of this commercial appeals to all viewers of the Super Bowl, but mostly to the younger male demographic, around ages 16-35. All the men playing football, getting dirty, and tackling hard interest the males of this age group. The big selling point that made this ad go viral was the addition of Betty White. Betty White, as a national symbol brings the appeal of the commercial to many people. Older generations see Betty White and get a nostalgic feeling. Younger generations recognize Betty White as someone they’ve seen many times, although they may not know as much about her. These generations still get their interest peak at the sight of Betty White.

Many people now use the premise of this ad campaign as a joke and in normal conversation.

Snickers is owned by Mars Inc. which produces many different types of candies and candy bars such as 3 musketeers, dove chocolate, milky way, and many more. Mars Inc. produces 60 different products from candies to dog foods. Frank Mars created the company in 1922. He soon added the milky way bar which  made $800,000 in sales its first year released. In 2003 they spent $813 million on advertising worldwide. The year after the release of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, snickers sales lifted them past both trident and M&Ms to become the best selling candy in the global market, making $3.572 billion in sales. This number passed the previous year’s total by almost $300 million.

The ad agency BBDO handles the advertising for Snickers and are to thank of the largely successful ad campaign. The Mars company which makes around 32 billion a year in sales pays a heavy sum for advertising. At around $5 million for one Super Bowl ad, Mars has at least two ads in the super bowl each year, which guarantees spending at least $10 million on advertising for just one day of the year. In 2014, Mars Inc. spent $2.57 billion worldwide on advertising. In 2015, Mars Inc. spent $792 million in the U.S. alone for advertising. All the money spent on advertising for the Mars company is always made back and then some. The company paid around 4.6 million to have the Betty White ad be played at the Super Bowl, and in turn it boosted the snickers bar up to the top bought candy worldwide, where it still sits today.


Written By Joey Martino and Jack Walzer

The app instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app was created in October of 2010 and instantly became a hit. The creators released the app for free which obviously increased downloads. Instagram was popular right off the get go and had hit 100 million users in under two years. By December 2014, Instagram had 300 million users and now today, Instagram has about 600 million users. At first it became popular with people ages 13-30 and has now extended to people of all ages. The app was used to spread the user’s experience to all of their followers by sharing pictures. (

Years later, Instagram has made a huge impact on society. It has affected the fashion society by giving many designers an outlet to showcase their new designs. The fashion industry is now able to hit any different type of people but especially people who usually would not interact with these types of things. Instagram also impacts society on the travel side. People who couldn’t afford to get out and explore the world can now get a sense of what the other parts of the world are like by checking their Instagram feed. Instagram also gave people a place to share their views and participate in activism. Many protests like the recent Women’s March took to Instagram to spread their message. (

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Ever since the first photograph was taken in 1814, photo sharing has influenced our lives in a major way. The medium of sharing photos allows one to explain visuals and is a key factor in sharing news. The evolution of the camera aids to the expansion of photography and has made it easier to share visual news. After the camera evolved to fit in our pockets, the possibilities became endless. Instagram emerged to be the top photo sharing company globally and created the most innovative way to share photos this century. Instagram allows you to broadcast your view (whether figuratively or literally) to anyone in the world just by the click of a button. This gives people the opportunity to see the world from your eyes. A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram gives you the ability share your pictures with the world. The future of the medium of photo sharing is Instagram.

Technology today extends our senses in many different ways. The app Instagram extends our visual sense and helps us see the world through a different light. It can cause us to perceive people in a different way than we would before.Instagram is used by many people in many different ways. For the average user, Instagram is a way to connect with your friends and even celebrities on a daily basis. Whether its casual selfie, or even a major ad campaign, Instagram gives you the opportunity to see into other peoples lives.

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Instagram currently has 600 million active users. These accounts include personal accounts, business accounts and even Universities.

Instagram emerged as a social media powerhouse in 2010 and continued to expand after Facebook bought the company in 2012. Instagram was created initially to be a photo-sharing app, but has grown to be much more than that. Now offering videos, stories and live videos, Instagram has best parts of social media wrapped into one app.

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(Selena Gomez’s Coca Cola ad is currently the most liked picture on Instagram)

Make America Great Again

On January 20, 2017 our new president was inaugurated into the White House and officially  transformed from President elect to the President of the United States of America. This inauguration definitely came with a huge amount of controversy. Donald Trump has successfully became the President with the highest disapproval rating when inaugurated into office. This being said, there are also many who do approve of Donald Trump and can’t wait to see what he has in store for the country. If looking on social media outlets such as twitter, Instagram, and even snapchat, most people speaking out seem to be against Trump. There are also positive posts about his like this following one.

Many voters who voted for Trump look at this day as a positive. For these people, today marks a day of change. For the majority of these voters, they were not impressed with what Obama has done and see this day as a great day of change. They think the country needs to be turned around and they believe this is the time when this will finally happen. For these voters they feel like the day they’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. On the other hand there were people reacting in other ways. This tweet shows that side.

Many protestors took to the streets to protest the Trump inauguration. These people believe that what Trump stands for is very misogynistic, racist, and homophobic. These people are doing whatever it takes to try and get their word out their. You will see on news sites like CNN these sides of the story and what they are fighting for. Protests like the million women march had a large number of women and people marching in the name of women protest in D.C. the day after the inauguration. These protests are peaceful and are people who feel like they are unheard trying to get their voice out. This day to these people is a day of horror. They believe after this day, their voices will no longer be heard and they will no longer have the rights they deserve.

This day is a very split day for the United States of America. The country seems to be split and many don’t know if it will be fixed. The future of the country now rides on the shoulders of Donald Trump.