Facebook Web 2.0

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

Wielding new media in Web 2.0: exploring the history of engagement with the collaborative construction of media products explains the progression of the web. It explains how fast and rapidly technology has developed through new innovations and ideas. Our web is going to continuously prosper and come up with new ideas to make the web better than it already is. There are a lot of regulation rules however the market for some of these media sources are off the charts. Women and young girls are also an increase in this rapid technology especially by blogging.

Web Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, which evolved from myspace. Mark had created Facebook to connect his Harvard college campus. Facebook back in 2006 was a place for teenagers to connect and share statuses for example “like for like” or “like for a compliment.” It was the start of social media in our generation. It was originally for teenagers and the occasional parents, but today the roles have changed. More parents and elders use Facebook then teenagers. However, it is more than just a networking where you can post your latest news or share pictures. Facebook has become a place of advertisement, one can find out the latest trends, the newest or most exciting news. Facebook always you to connect with people all over the world, also keeps you up to date on your friend’s birthday, it even will send you notifications on your phone to remind you. Something that is new that Facebook came up with is going Live, which is a spin-off of snap chat or posting a video. But instead of posting a video that you already made, you videotape yourself at the moment. It shows your actions as you are doing it and what you are doing it through your phone.


Away from that Facebook replaces telephones is that you are able to talk to people more quickly, you are able to create messages and share photos on your timeline so that friends and family members are connected and kept up to date with your life. Facebook also replaced writing letters because in the past you would write a message to update your family and friends, or maybe send a postcard whenever you went somewhere interesting or cool. But nowadays you can just create a post about your trip, and within seconds your friends and family see what you made that trip and how you liked it. Facebook also replaces photo books and scrapbooks, instead of printing out millions of pictures and making a collage one can create an album on Facebook and put all those pictures there, it is an easy way to have your photos saved forever.

Away from that Facebook replaces telephones is that you are able to talk to people more quickly, you are able to create messages and share photos on your timeline so that friends and family members are connected and kept up to date with your life. Facebook also replaced writing letters because in the past you would write a message to update your family and friends, or maybe send a postcard whenever you went somewhere interesting or cool. But nowadays you can just create a post about your trip, and within seconds your friends and family see what you made that trip and how you liked it. Facebook also replaces photobooks and scrapbooks, instead of printing out millions of pictures and making a collage one can create an album on Facebook and put all those pictures there, it is an easy way to have your photos saved forever.

In 2007 Facebook wrote on there a blog that Facebook would now be able to be accessed on your mobile phone. You would be able to send SMS messages, poke people, write on peoples walls, and post things on your timeline. Basically, you can use all aspects of Facebook that you get on the computer on your mobile device. In 2010 Facebook released the original web-centric mobile app. While other companies were releasing native versions of app suited to Apple and Android phones. This was a gamble on Facebook’s part, but eventually, the operating system currently vying for power would be overturned by straight web-based experience. Facebook made software so that you would be able to access their website on any device, phone, iPad, Android, and flip phones. They wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance access their web page.

Something that facebooks added to make money is having an advertisement on the side of your time line. They have software so that they can see what you are searching on the internet, and they put that product on the side of your screen. Also on the side of your screen, they have phrases that are trending.


The evolution of facebook.



Kylie Jenner and Kevin Jonas

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

In the essay “The imaginary social world and use of media figures in advertising” by Neil Alperstein he talks about the different forms of advertising, and how different people embed themselves in the social media spotlight. There is a lot of skepticism regarding the use of media and how an individual portrays there image. Here we can take Alperstien’s conclusions and compare how Kevin Jonas and Kylie Jenner use the media.

Kevin Jonas is twenty-nine years old and currently married to Danielle Jonas with two girls Alena and Valentina. Kevin used to be a teenage sensation, he was on Disney channel and in a band called The Jonas Brothers with his two other brothers joe and nick. However, the band has split up, and Kevin happens to be the least famous out of the three brothers. Kevin uses social media like Instagram and snap chat to connect with fans and show off his beloved family. He doesn’t actually post about products and or sponsoring stuff through his Instagram.

Came home to this girl 8 months pregnant looking hotter than ever 🔥🔥

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This is weird….

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What is learned from Kevin Jonas’s use of social media is that even though he is famous, he is able to live a normal life, unlike Kylie. Kevin can go to the park with his kids or go to public places without being constantly harassed, yes some fans will always follow him or ask to take a picture, but he uses his social media to simply post pictures of his family. Kevin is very comedic on his snap chat by telling jokes and reminiscing about old times with his brothers.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is related to the Kardashians, her parents are Chris and Catelyn Jenner, she is the youngest out of all the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Over the years Kylie has grown her fan base off of Instagram and snap chat. She currently has 90.6 million followers on Instagram at the age of nineteen. Kylie is the kind of person that endorse products and shows them on her Instagram. She shows her lip kits, puma, cars and, fashion.

Obsessed with my @fashionnova set 💜Get it at FashionNova.com 😍 #ad

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She is known for showing off her lavish lifestyle and the people that are in her life, especially on snap chat. It allows her fan base to feel personally connected to her. Kylie is known as the “snap chat queen” according to MTV. She has the most followers and views on snap chat, this is due to Kylie branding herself. She always promotes her latest products or upcoming projects on her snap chat. She keeps her fan base up to date on her every move and what she is doing or where her next destination is, which allows the fans to not miss out on what is to come.

What is learned from Kylie Jenner’s use of social media is that even though many people may envy her because she is set for life, she knows how to promote herself and her business. Kylie has a way of communicating with her fans that allow her to be very successful. It is all about getting your product or business out in public and, she knows how to do that. Her Instagram is full of new projects or the latest fashion trends that keep her followers intrigued. Kylie hardly ever connects with her fans over social media, but she does a lot of meets and greets when she has the time, when she opened her first Pop-up shop in California and NYC she was there to greet her fans and take pictures and chat for a little. The teenage sensation has a lot on her shoulders which ‘s hard since she is always in the spotlight there is a lot of controversy surrounding her. Basically, there has been a lot of controversy regarding her looks, a big controversy was her lip injections, she told her fan base and the rest of the world that she did nothing to them, which was a lie. Kylie then came clean, however many fans were disappointed and skeptical.

Social media enables all different types of relationships, through Instagram, snap chat, Facebook, Twitter fans are able to connect and keep up with the latest trends of their favorite celebrity. Many celebrities use social media for different purposes, but in the end, it is all of way of interacting and connecting with people all over the world.

Translating Advertising

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

The three most important points/observation of the essay Translating Advertising Painting the Tip of an Iceberg are culture, language, and communication styles. Many cultures have different beliefs and values than other countries. When talking about a concept or idea in the United States, it might mean differently in Asia or Thailand. It is important that in creating an advertisement, the makers are aware of the values, beliefs, and norms of that country. In different cultures they have different schemas which can be developed through various advertisements, this brings different cultures together through media example youtube is a favorite source.
There are some concepts of advertising that people want to include, power distance, individualism, Masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. When making an advertisement, the makers have a target audience, and they try and figure out how to get their message across so that people want their products. Language plays a vital role in, and advertisement since English is a very known and spoken language, many commercials translate from English or include subtitles. The language structure is imperative in understanding a publication since the idea and concept of the ad has to make sense.
Another big part of advertising is communication styles. When creating an advertisement, the creators have to have visuals and concepts that make sense. Different communication styles go with each message; there are many different styles Verbal personal style, elegant verbal style, and exacting or precise style that advertisers use to create and advertisement that all cultures can understand. The visual is the most important part because even if you do not understand the language, the picture and communication style allows another culture to get the gist of the message.
This commercial is a McDonald’s commercial in Italy; you could use the same video, the ad would be okay for american views. Since McDonald’s is a well know company, and they have very distinct characteristic this commercial can use this commercial anywhere and anytime.

My Story Project: Long Beach Island

By: Samantha Schultz

My Story: Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island (LBI), New Jersey is a place I like to call my home away from home. Some may just think it is a summer vacation, but it is so much more than that.  I have had a handful amount of summer jobs some good and bad, but it was fun to be doing it with family and friends. The most beautiful thing about LBI is the sunsets and sunrises, it leaves you in awe, to me it is the little things that create the most memorable memories. Living down the shore in the summer has defiantly had its ups and downs, but it has challenged my strength and allowed me to grow into the person I am today. If you are to go to one place in new jersey, I would defiantly recommend visiting LBI.  I have made lifetime friendship and long lasting memories. It is a place of family generations, and I will continue that trend when I get older also. I was very excited to do this project because I have never created a video before and I was excited because I was making about a place I love. The challenging part of this assignment was making the movie since I do not have a Mac I found it challenging to find an app that would allow me to make the movie in the way that I needed to. It was also challenging because I could not do a voice over the music, the voice was not loud enough, so I had to do the voice in the beginning. I also had a hard time exporting the video because I have to buy the trial. Overall it was very challenging to make the movie. What I added was more captions that way people understand where I was or what the places are called.

The Blade Runner

By Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

The underlying moral question of the movie could be what makes us human? How does the move pose this question? Is this question still relevant today? How so? Give some examples?

Los Angeles 2019, is portrayed as a dark and depressing metropolis, filled with urban decay. Richard Deckard is set to find and kill these so called “replicants” which are a group of four who are trying to take over society. These replicants are humans who have been manually created to have no emotion or feelings. The movie setting goes along with the underlying question of the movie “what makes us human.” Since the replicants have no emotion and the rainy mood sets a tone that in the futuristic world many people are just going to live through the aspects of technology and not appreciate the actual world around them. Instead of being naturally born someone is creating that perfect life for you without any hardships or fear. Not having to worry about anything seems like the perfect life, but is one actually living if they have their life destined from the start.

What makes us human? The definition of a human is a representative of or susceptible to the sympathies and frailties of human nature. To be a person in today’s world is to have compassion and emotion. The “ fake people” in the movie didn’t know where they came from or have any feeling towards people. The main character of the movie Rick Deckard was able to pin out these “replications” when he asked them a series of questions, and if they had no emotion, then they were a “replicant.” Their whole testing system is to try and tell who is human and who is being created. 

This is something that is very relevant today. People today can create their children to make sure that they get the traits they want. A scientist named Luhan Yang a Harvard recruit from Beijing is trying to develop a powerful new technology for editing DNA called CRISPR- Cas9 “By editing the DNA of these cells or the embryo itself, it could be possible to correct disease genes and pass those genetic fixes on to future generations. Such a technology could be used to rid families of scourges like cystic fibrosis.” This is just like what they did in the movie, creating people to become the perfect human.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson Boobgate

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills

The issue at hand is that during the 2004 SuperBowl Justin Timberlake ripped Janet Jackson’s top off exposing her breast. This is controversial because her breast was not censored and since it is national TV all body parts are supposed to be blurred out.

The internet, however, can not censor their products due to freedom of speech. This is important to note that the web can post whatever they want. Marjory Tv companies might not be able to, but if you go under a different user, you can claim that is your right to be able to post whatever you want.

During the SuperBowl CBS did not cover Jannet’s breast being exposed because they didn’t have someone that was paying close attention to the performance. When TV companies go live they often have a 5-second delay in case people slip up and say “ F**k, Sh*t, or any inappropriate word. Or in this instance, if someone’s boob comes out during a performance.

The future of this issue is to regulate what is being shown on television and make sure that they do not have another slip up like this on national tv. Not only CBS but other channels as well. However many people were very offended and actually sued Jackson and Timberlake for having “to suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.” This was taken very seriously and CBS now has a reputation to uphold, and to not have this incident happen again. 

Taco Bell Quesalupa SuperBowl 2016


Taco Bell targeted the youth as their audience in this commercial since many teenagers or even young adults love that late night snack or middle of the day craving. There are two ads for this campaign a thirty-second one and a minute and a half minute long commercial. Taco Bell producers choose to incorporate different scenes from the minute and a half minute long due to the thirty-second-time slot. They decide to include the parts of the famous people, so it will grab more people’s attention rather than some actor.

During the commercial of the Quesalupa, they used many different actors and products to get their message across. They wanted the Quesalupa to be “Bigger than everything” the producers wanted each trend to lead to another. It first starts out as dudes with man buns, that calls out Tinder, then that Texas lawyer guy, drones, the driver a car, VR, Mars landings, aliens, James Harden’s beard, hover boards, the bass drop, soccer star Neymar Jr. says that it will be bigger than real fútbol, the internet, and it ends with Star Trek” icon George Takei, who laughs maniacally and takes a bite. Taco Bell wanted to hype up this product to demonstrate that it is going to be so delicious it is going to blow your mind. The emotional appeal was to grab your attention from the start. Taco Bell included famous celebrities grab your attention, and the latest trends draw you into to listening what the commercial has to say since it doesn’t say what the product is until the end of the commercial it makes you stay engaged to see what it is.

Taco Bell took a different approach to making this super bowl commercial like never before. The restaurant chain wants you to blindly order its latest food item without telling you what it is by using a highly mysterious preorder system. Taco Bell needed their commercial in the Super Bowl to stand out from the rest.  Taco Bell has been developing the Quesalupa for about two to three years ago after looking at society’s food trends. They wanted to create a product that has never been done before. They wanted to keep this product a secret and have the world buzzing of mystery of what is to come. Even when filming the commercial they did not have their actors eating the real product. They used green boxes instead. 

However to make sure this product would be a hit they needed a test. In 2015 Taco Bell launched the Quesalupa in thirty-six Toledo Ohio taco bell stores. Toledo, Ohio was also the guinea pigs for the successful Doritos Locos Tacos. According to Toledo Blade newspaper, this test was one of the most successful tests in Taco Bell’s history.

The reason why Taco Bell wanted to wait until the super bowl because it is the most tweet-worthy event of the year. In SuperBowl 2014 it received more than twenty-five million tweets. It is the fastest and most efficient way to reach as many people as possible in such a short period of time.

The Taco Bell commercial cost five million dollars to air during the Superbowl. To make the ad it cost fifteen to twenty million dollars. There are two different Quesalupa’s chicken and beef. The chicken is 3.79$, and the beef costs 2.99$. It is cheap and affordable to the regular customer. However many people are very upset because the Queslalupa has been discontinued. There are rumors that it may come back but no one is sure.

Here is a website blog post from a very upset Taco Bell customer. If you love the Quesalupa as much as this customer does you can go to Bring back the Quesalupa and sign the petition.

Screenshot 2017-02-08 12.43.47.png






Doritos Superbowl Pug Attack

In this commercial semiotics is represented through the pug not being portrayed as an adamant dog. However, the Dorito company is trying to get the viewer to want to chips as much as the pug does. It represents that the chips are so good the dog is willing to jump through the door for them. Also, the women say “Don’t hurt my dog” the dog is more important than her boyfriend’s amusement.  

In this commercial psychoanalytic is conveyed by the dog being an emotional appeal, because he represents a sweet, friendly looking dog. It is a good attention grabber for I think the female crowd because most people get intrigued in a commercial when they see a cute dog.

The political, economic aspect is portrayed in the commercial to show that the average family can afford the simple but delicious chips. It is not costly, it is a good snack to have when you are sitting around hanging out with your friends and family.

By: Samantha Schultz and Kate Mills


Samantha Schultz, Kate Mills

Snapchat has changed the way people get news at the fingertips. It gives you a few paragraphs about what has happened. It gives you a quick recap of the day before, and then usually goes away the next day. It gives the user a variety of new outlets, such as CNN, People, ESPN, The Food network, Daily Mail, and Vogue.

The creators of Snapchat also add different articles that might interest people such as finding out what your horoscope is every Monday on Cosmopolitan, they also give you the gossip on MTV.

It is also a way to communicate with your friends with a simple picture, you do not even have to have a conversation with someone, you can simply just send selfies back and forth. It is a very different way of communicating in our society today.

You can be private or public, the world can see your post at the click of an add button. This relates to the medium theory because it shows how far technology has changed today. Technology is going to continue to thrive and come up with new innovations, and soon Snapchat could die out. 

Snapchat has impacted our society in beneficial and non-beneficial ways. It is advantageous in the sense that it allows us to communicate in a fast and carefree way with our peers, even if they are across the country. One is able to show off what they got or where they currently are with a click of a button. It is an outlet for the latest news. Snapchat is also a boom for small business industries, in the sense that they can get the latest fashions and sales out to the customers quick and easy. However, this is not always the most useful app. Many people have become “obsessed” with snap chat and have to do it on a daily and even every hour. A good example of this would be Kylie Jenner, where it seems to be like she is always snap chatting whether in public or at her home. She is always showing off to her fans what she is doing every second of the day. This is not the healthiest thing because since she is in the public eye people tend to follow her lead. Which leads the world to send around eight thousand snaps per second.  Snapchat is also a way to destroy relationships. Let’s say you are caught taking a picture with another girl, and your girlfriend at home sees that. It could lead to a fight. Whether you want to believe it or not snap chat has ruined many relationships. Our world is continuously being taken over by technology which creates more social problems than it ever has before. In the future snap, chat is going to continue to prosper, according to Oscar Lance snap chat now will be able to add people and gifs into the picture that you are about to send. Our society is being taken over by technology right before our eyes.


Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University. At first, snap chat wasn’t called snap chat it was called Picaboo. After working a little more on this idea Evan design an app where photos and messages could disappear after you send and open them. Something interesting is that Snapchats daily video views have increased 400% year to year. Snapchat is videos are watched more and Facebook’s videos. Up to 60% of all smartphone users are now on Snapchat. Reports have found that 18 to 24 years old markup 45% of all snap chat users in the US. If you were to watch everyone’s story in the world, it would take you 158 years to watch. That is just upsetting. It is estimated that users spend 25 to 30 minutes a day on snap chat.

By the people you interact with and the people you follow, and the people’s stories you watch that could be considered bias. When looking at the discovery page, there are different news outlet that you can go too. They are ranked on what you use the most, so the first things that pop up are the things that appeal to you. Snapchat tries to get every story up and from different perspectives, but their only news outlet is CNN, Daily Mail, and a live stream of something that is happening in the world.


He is our President

November 8th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Many people were depressed, scared, and even cried all day because of the results. But in all honestly, I do not understand why? Donald Trump has been a successful business man throughout most of his life. I feel people are intimated by him because he knows what he needs to do to make America great again. Barack Obama created a lot of problems throughout our country and now that Trump knows what needs to be down to fix all the issues that Obama caused people are horrified.

So the question is what does today mean to my fellow Americans? I honestly don’t know because people are so sensitive and take things to the extreme and make our society more corrupt and diverse then it has to be. For example, here at Loyola when Trump was elected I was disgusted to walk through the halls and see all those posters. People need to get over themselves. He is our president, so people need to accept the fact and instead of revolting work together and allow it. I don’t know what it means to be an American because everyone is rioting and protesting it is only making our society more split up. America has chosen him as our President so for the next four years people need to realize that.

I believe that Trump will do great things for our country. Trump train all the way.